Making My Own Dream Colourpop Palette

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m just a tad bit obsessed with makeup. I just can not get enough of eyeshadow palettes and how creative you can be with makeup! Colourpop has easily become one of my top favorite brands because they are cruelty free, affordable, and great quality. So when I saw Colourpop having a sale on their Build-A-Palettes, I knew I had to treat myself. Here is what I created!

This holographic palette contains 24 eyeshadows that I picked out carefully. When I chose all these colors, I had one main idea in mind. I wanted to make a palette so versatile and usable that I would never have to buy another palette again. Because let’s be real, I gotta stop spending money. I spent a lot of time picking out these shades, considering the eyeshadows I already have and the colors I like wearing best.

Here are the names and swatches of the shadows I chose, from left to right! (*side note, swatches are rarely a great test of how well an eyeshadow will wear on your lid. Plus, it’s hard to capture the shades correctly in a photograph. So don’t judge my swatches too too much 😉 )

Row 1:

These are all lighter shades that will be perfect for blending into the crease of an eyeshadow look! The names from top to bottom are as follows: Now and Zen (looks white in the pan but strongly reflects a gold shimmer– perfect for the inner corner of your eye!), Wake Up Call, Labyrinth, Made To Last, Top Notch, and Conundrum. These shadows seem very soft and lightly colored, but can easily be built up to make a darker shade.

Row 2:

These deeper shades will work perfectly for creating depth and smokey looks. The shades from the top are as follows: Feathered (which has an ever so slight sparkle to it), Facet, Cute Alert, Pretty Cruel (which has a beautiful soft shimmer to it), Sleeper, and Paradiso.

Row 3:

For the last two rows, I wanted colors a bit out of my comfort zone. Nothing sparks my creativity more than seeing beautiful shades and pops of color! The shades from top to bottom are as follows: Paper Tiger, Martian (which also has a slight glittery shine to it), Ready Or Yacht, Beam Me Up, Misty, and Conjour Up.

Row 4:

This last row continued with the colorful theme. From top to bottom, we’ve got Take Flight, Meteorite, Over It, Bassline, Earthshine, and Night Dream (which is a beautiful sparkling black shade).

Here are a few comparison pictures for the size of these single shadows! I found them to be bigger than the shadows in Colourpop’s eyeshadow palettes. This is my build-your-own palette under the Give it to Me Straight palette.

And here is a single shadow compared to a shadow in the palette!

I have been really enjoying using this palette! I’ve found that I succeeded in making a very versatile palette that I can bring with me for any occasion! These single shadows are very pigmented and blend really well. Colourpop has TONS of different colors that you can mix and match with to build your very own palette! Price wise, each pan of shadow is $4. Keep an eye out for sales! Originally, my palette should have cost $106 (yikes!), but ended up only being $44. I am so excited to get so much use out of these shadows!

If you want to hear more about makeup tips, tricks, and recommendations, or would like to see some looks I’ve created, comment down below! And as always, click here to get $5 off your order of $15 or more! I’d love to hear what you pick up 🙂



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