My Biggest New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year!! The next few days are the perfect time to reflect on the past year and change the things that you maybe didn’t like about it. This is one of my favorite times of the year because there is such hope and motivation for a better year. I could easily go on and on about my resolutions for 2019, but I wanted to write about one of the ones I am most excited for, in the hopes of inspiring you all to take the journey with me!

This Christmas, it really hit me that our society has stressed that happiness equals buying new things. Sad about something? Go shopping for new clothes. Had a bad day? Go impulse buy something that may make you happy in the moment but not in the long run. It’s created this monster of jealousy in me. I want want want SO much, but as a college student paying rent, utilities, and groceries, I simply can’t afford to buy the newest makeup palette or a coat that might not be in style next year. This idea that buying things is the way to happiness has got to go.

In addition to not being great for mental health, consumerism is also impacting the environment in a BAD way. According to Sustain Your Style, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. There are a lot more numbers as well that basically say that the current fashion industry is not treating the environment that well.

So, in an attempt to do my part in helping the environment and being able to be more grateful for the things that I already have and not put so much weight on material items, I have a plan. Inspired by a video by Ingrid Nilsen, I will not buy clothing or makeup this year (for the most part). I know, it seems very harsh and impossible. But I’ve come up with some of my own rules for this task and I’m excited at what the outcome will be!

The rules are as follows:

  1. If something I own rips, tears, or runs out, I can replace it. I’m at a point in my life where pants from last year might not fit well this year, and a girl can’t go around without owning any pants.
  2. If I see something that I immediately fall in LOVE with, I can purchase it AS LONG AS I get rid of one thing I already own. This trade system will help my closet stop growing (because I’ve got a small room and small closet space).
  3. If I do find an article of clothing or makeup item that I already don’t have, I have to sit on the idea of it for at least 30 days. So many times, after buying something on impulse, I end up not enjoying it as much as I had hoped. If I really want something, then in 30 days, I should still want it just as much.
  4. I’m going to try my best to buy clothing and makeup from sustainable brands. Sustainable fashion is an attempt to help lessen the environmental impact that the fashion industry has. Sustainable brands tend to be more expensive because it costs more to be sustainable, but I think it is so worth it. And for the times that I need something at a lower cost, I can hit up the local thrift store. Thrifting is a great way to recycle clothes!

These rules may seem strict, but I don’t want this to turn into some kind of punishment. So I may break the rules once or twice, and I’m not going to beat myself up other it because that isn’t the point. The point is to hopefully become more thankful for the things I have instead of looking at everyone else, wishing I had what they had. I also hope to dive back into writing or exercising when I’ve had a bad day instead of spending money on more clothes.

Here is the video that majorly inspired me!

I’m excited to see where this takes me! I’ll update you all regularly on the journey. I hope to end up with a more grateful heart and happier mind.



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