baby’s first colourpop haul!

hi everyone!! I apologize  for the lack of blog posts recently. I have so many plans for future posts and things, but life got in the way. Don’t you worry though, I have lots of time to write in the next few weeks before school starts! So hang in there and keep reading 🙂

I’ve begun to get more and more into makeup in the last few months. It’s something that I really enjoy and lets face it- who doesn’t like watching those makeup videos on Instagram?? One of the brands I kept seeing and hearing about was Colourpop. Intrigued, I checked out their website and happened to find out that there was a 30% off sale going on! I took that as a sign to pick up some of their products and give them a try. I’ve been using these items for about a week or two to test them out so I could form a sound opinion on them. So here’s my haul and review of Colourpop Cosmetics!

First, a little bit about Colourpop. Colorpop is located in California and makes all their products right here in the US. They are 100% cruelty free and many of their products are vegan. They use ingredients that are good for the skin and avoid chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can be found in other brands of makeup. They price their products so that they are more consumer friendly; so you can look your best without breaking the bank! They have a variety of products, from eyeshadows to brow necessities to foundations and concealer.

And now, on to the haul! Scroll down to the end for a link for $5 off your very first order 🙂

Here is everything in the packages they came in. The packaging is super cute and I love how simple yet elegant it all is! As you can tell in this picture, there are metallic elements on every package, which tied everything together quite nicely.


And here is everything out of packages! Here is a list of everything, before I get into swatches and reviews:

  • Brow Boss Pencil in the color Blonde
  • Ultra Metallic Lip in the color Glam
  • Lippie Stix in the color Lumiere
  • Give It To Me Straight eyeshadow palette
  • 3 Pressed Powder Shadows in the colors Lay Low, 20 Something, and Come And Get It


Here is a picture of the palette and the pressed powder shadows for you to see:


Up first for review is….. the Give It To Me Straight palette!! Here’s a close up for you:


The Give It To Me Straight palette includes 7 matte shades and 5 shimmery metallic shades that all work extremely well together to create tons of different looks! I have used almost every single shade since I got this palette and I must admit, I’m in love. The shades are very pigmented and smooth feeling, blending very easily with each other. There is a good amount of fall out from these, but this problem can be solved by just tapping your brush a few times to get the excess shadow off. I really like that there are a few natural tones mixed in with the orange-y and darker shades. Every palette should have a few simple colors!

Here are the swatches: DSCN9862-01

(from top of my wrist to bottom: matter of fact, up front, straight up, BS, frank, candid, forthright, and downright.) As you can tell, matter of fact is a very light shade, which is perfect for setting your eye before putting other colors on!


(from top of my wrist to bottom: truth hurts, be blunt, tmi, actually.) I was really impressed with how pigmented these shades are! Even as I removed the shadows to prepare for the next swatches, I could still see outlines of these on my arm. That’s some pretty hardcore stuff! The shadows itself are very soft to the touch and don’t feel heavy or thin when applying them to my eye. However, there is no mirror in the palette and I thought it would have been a bit bigger. But for the price, this thing is a steal. This bad boy was $16! Check it out here.

Next is the single eyeshadows!


from left to right: come and get it, lay low, 20 something.

When looking at these pressed powder shadows, I tried purposely to pick out some colors that I don’t currently have in any palette from any brand. These little guys caught my eye! Here is the swatch, with lay low on top, followed by come and get it and 20 something.


I love the coral orange tones lay low gives off. It’s a matte shadow and works really well with the Give It To Me Straight palette. The other two are glittery and fun, with come and get it being more of a pink shimmer and 20 fun being a bright gold. These shadows were also a lot smaller than I had originally thought, but they are super pigmented and blendable, so I love them. Each of these were on sale for $3.50 but are usually only $5 with the compact. Without the compact, the pan is only $4. If you want to check them out, here are the links: lay low, come and get it, and 20 something.

Because there was such a neat sale going on, I decided this was the perfect time to try some new things I’ve never even thought about using before! So the last three products are more of a fun, experimental, stepping outside of my comfort zone kind of purchase.

I picked up the Brow Boss pencil in blonde because I have never had a brow pencil before (I know, crazy right?) I typically just leave my brows as is or brush a little bit of brown eyeshadow through them if I have extra time, but I have been meaning to get a pencil for ages. This brow pencil is retractable, which I was impressed with. The pencil itself is so thin and small, which makes it a breeze to create realistic looking lines. There is a spoolie brush on the other end to brush through your brows, making it easier to create a natural brow. Through my use of it, I’ve found that it is pretty easy to work with and is very light. It’s buildable, so if you want dramatic brows, you have to go over your brow a few times. But for a simple, natural brow, it is quite easy to use. This is a great beginner brow pencil! When I bought it, it was $3.50 on sale, and is typically $5. You can get it here!

The other two purchases were lip related. A girl can never have too many lipsticks, right?? Colourpop is well-known for their Lippie Stix, so it wouldn’t be a Colourpop haul without trying out one of these! I went with the color Lumiere because it was a berry color that I didn’t have with any of my other lipsticks. This stuff is AWESOME! It stays on for a long time without using any primer or setting spray, and is beautifully pigmented. It feels so comfortable on my lips and is made of ingredients that are good for your skin, which is a super great bonus. When I got this, it was $3.85, and is normally $5.50. Here’s the link to check it out!

My final purchase was the Ultra Metallic Lip in the color Glam. Never in my life have I ever owned a metallic lip product. I’ve always been shy to wear anything on my lips, but I’m slowly getting out of my comfort zone and it feels great! This lip was a giant leap out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad I bought it. This lip is a metallic liquid lipstick that is a pink-y/orange-y shade which looks great on any skin color! Since it is a liquid, it goes on glossy instead of matte and stays glossy for a while. This stuff is probably one of the coolest makeup items I currently own and I can’t wait to wear it more. It was on sale for $4.20 and is typically $6. Here is the link!

Swatches of these products are below! First is the Brow Boss pencil in blonde, then the Lippie Stix, and the Ultra Metallic Lip.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul and review! Let me know if you are enjoying this style of blogging in the comments below. I’m trying a bunch of new things, so I hope you are liking the content. If you want to see more photos of how I use these products and create different looks, check out my instagram! 

If you have never bought anything from Colourpop before and you’re looking for a sign to try the brand out, here’s your sign!!! Click this link to order and you’ll get $5 off. Just a little gift from me to you ❤

Have a great day!



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