my first primark haul!

Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve watched haul videos on Youtube. I don’t know what it is about those videos, but I could watch people show off the things they bought for HOURS at a time. I had tried in the past to make Youtube videos, but I never felt super comfortable talking in front of the camera. I wished I could write a haul instead, but didn’t know how to.

Fast forward to now! Now that I have my blog and plan on growing it, I figured this would be the PERFECT place to finally write a haul post! So here goes 🙂

On Friday the 13th, I went to the King of Prussia mall with my family! This mall has one of my most favorite stores: Primark. If you’ve never been, Primark is a large department-type store full of all kinds of styles of clothing, beauty products, and home goods. Everything is relatively inexpensive and super duper cute. The store at King of Prussia takes up two levels and you could easily spend over an hour getting lost among all the goodies. Here’s what I picked up when I went and some examples ofhow to wear them!

First up: these amazing pants!DSCN9781-edit-01I’m not kidding when I say that as soon as I saw these pants, I fell in LOVE with them! The material is incredibly lightweight and the pant legs are long and flow-y. The pattern of squares of different fabrics reminded me of a quilt. They are loose enough that you can pull them up for a high-waisted look, or you can keep them lower on your waist. There is a belt that ties around and has small metal bits on the end to add a little bit of elegance. These pants were $11.

Next up: MORE pants!DSCN9783-edit-01Okay really, who could blame me for picking up another pair of these amazing flowy pants?? These came in a dark maroon/burgandy color and are exactly like the funky pair above. Both of these pants have pockets which is a super big pro to me! Here you can see the cute belt a little bit better. This pair was also $11.

And now on to shirts!


DSCN9785-edit-01This first shirt is a long sleeved, oversized shirt that says “Love me” on the front and “love me not…” on the back. I just had to get this! I’ve written a poem on the premise of the “he loves me, he loves me not” idea, (click here to read it) so I thought this was the coolest shirt ever! The fabric is incredibly soft and this shirt is so large and cozy. I typically wear a size small in t-shirts, but I bought an extra small because of how oversized the style of this shirt was. It is still quite big on me and I love it. This shirt was $10.


This graphic tee embodies my entire outlook on life! It is so subtle yet stands out against the white of the shirt! This shirt is formfitting yet comfy and soft! I do suggest wearing a white cami or some type of undershirt with this shirt because it is somewhat see-through. This shirt was $4.


I know, I know. A SECOND white graphic tee?? But listen, this shirt is the cutest and I am always a sucker for a cute cursive font. This shirt is extremely similar to the “it’s cool to be kind” shirt in that I would definitely recommend some sort of undershirt underneath the shirt when you wear it out. I just love how simple these shirts are! This shirt was also $4.

Annnnd now, accessories!


The first accessory I picked up was a pack of 3 scrunchies. My current scrunchie is this super neat velvet-y pink scrunchie and I’ve been wearing it for so long that it has gotten all stretched out. So imagine my surprise when I found three scrunchies in all different colors made out of almost the same exact fabric! These colors match with pretty much every piece of clothing I wear, so I can’t wait to use them! The pack of 3 cost $3.50.

My next accessory (if you could call it that) is the “Pure beauty” makeup bag. I have been looking for months for a makeup bag big enough to hold my Morphe 350 Nature Glow palette for when I travel or go to my dad’s for the weekends, and I finally find one! This make up bag is the perfect size for a Morphe palette and so much more. For $6, I’d say it’s a great buy!

I really had to practice some self control in the beauty section. I knew I had plenty of makeup at home, so I chose to only get two shades of lip liner. I’ve never actually used lip liner before so I thought that this would be a great time to try. I got one in the color Dainty and one in the color Valentine. Dainty is a coral peachy color and Valentine is a darker, redder color. I have swatched them out below for you! Even as I swatched them, I could feel how smooth and easy to use they were. Each lip liner was $1.50.


Of course, a haul wouldn’t be complete without some jewelry! I found these adorable tassel earrings and loved them so much that I bought them in 2 colors! The first pair is shown below and the second pair has the same gold bits and instead of light pink, the tassels are black. Perfect for any outfit! Each pair was $3.50.


To fully complete my haul, I checked out the home section to find some things for my apartment! I found this rose gold letter board and just had to get it! These things are super popular right now and are perfect for flat-lays (as shown below), sharing some motivational quotes, and writing notes to your roomies! This board is an A3 size and came with tons of letters. It only cost $10!


Now that I’ve gone through each piece, I figured I would show you all how I plan to wear these things! And you can always follow my instagram because I can bet that these clothes will appear on there too! 🙂


Three cheers for comfy and cute pants!

DSCN9755-edit-01-01DSCN9760-edit-01-01DSCN9764-edit-01The white shirts match perfectly with both pairs of pants! You can always dress up an outfit with more jewelry or fancier shoes too.


Jean shorts are a MUST! These are a pair I picked up from a thrift store a while ago. Sneakers or sandals would perfectly complete this summertime look!


And here is the oversized tee! This shirt just screams “Fall!” and I can not wait to wear it once the weather gets colder. Look how cozy!

Thank you so much for tuning in on my first ever haul! Comment down below if you liked it, and what you would like to see me post next! Have a great day!




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