radiate kindness

Day 2 of the 30 day writing challenge is this:

write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forget


I try not to define myself based on what others say, because I believe that I am truly the only one who knows myself the best. Sometimes, compliments may feel misplaced. Someone may say “Oh wow you are such a hard worker!” when you know deep down, you didn’t even work that hard on something.

However, a few things have stuck out in my mind over the past few years. Some of these involve comments from professors about creating quality work and understanding material well and from friends who have said that I have a big heart and that they’re proud of me.

One of the things that sticks out the most in my mind happened one day this past year. I walked into my favorite coffee shop (Saxbys) on campus after a long day, ready to order some coffee and stay up late studying. Every time I’m in Saxbys, I always make it a point to be friendly to the baristas. I know how busy and stressful rush hour in food service can be, so I always try to make sure that the workers smile just a little bit. Who knows if they had a rough day or are stressed out? If I could help them have a good moment or two throughout a crazy day, then I would be so happy. I do this by asking them how they are doing, commenting on their cute outfits or makeup, and if there’s ever anything that I normally order that isn’t available that day, I’m always sure to let them know that it is totally okay! That sort of stuff is often out of the workers’ control and being rude to them would just make my life and theirs harder.

On this particular day, I walked in and immediately, one of the workers said “Hannah!!! You always make my day when you come in here!” That warmed my heart so much! Being the sunshine in a world where the sun can be hard to find is something I strive to be.

So the moral of this short post today is BE THE SUNSHINE!

Be the sunshine at the coffee shop you go to, or at the library when you stop to pick up a book for class. Be the sunshine when you’re checking out at the grocery store or when you’re dropping something off at the post office. There are so many opportunities in your day!

It takes less than a minute to compliment someone or just shoot them a soft smile. You never know whether or not someone is having a bad day. Let’s spread some positivity and radiate kindness!

Comment below some of your stories about how you’ve radiated kindness recently! I would love to hear them 🙂




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