Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I’ve spent a long time thinking about my online presence and how I wanted to appear to my followers or readers. I’ve decided that being honest and real and being who I am is the best way to go. So, time to be honest. I’ve been having a hard time coming up with ideas on what to write about. No idea that I thought of seemed to be perfect enough to fit the image I have in my brain for this blog. But maybe that image isn’t exactly what this blog is supposed to be! I wanted to be this cool blogger girl but I think I should stick with just being me because I like who I am and don’t want to change just for a blog.

So I’ve decided to participate in a 30 day writing challenge to get myself writing more! The one I’m using was found on Pinterest and is all about thoughts, feelings, and things I already know I like to write about. So here goes. 🙂

Day 1: list 10 things that make you really happy

  1. my friends

I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life! I have several close friends that love me and constantly cheer me up. I have a friend who picks me up for spontaneous brunches and long drives and hiking trips; a friend who calls me when she’s thought of a good joke and stays up super late talking about the world with me; a friend who buys me waffle fries when I’m sad and drives 30 minutes with me to the nearest Wawa because we want slushies; friends in my classes at college that inspire me to try my best and always make me laugh; and a friend that drives me to the closest thrift store when my pants no longer fit and watches movies with me until I fall asleep. And this incredible list of people is just a few out of many! I truly love my friends.

2. bullet journaling

It has been about a year since I’ve gotten into bullet journaling and it continues to make me super happy! I love to be organized and bullet journaling gives me an outlet to creatively organize and plan things. I love looking at different spreads and stickers and pens and creating new things!

3. writing

Of course, this one is kind of a given. Writing makes my heart feel so much lighter. Every time I feel some sort of negative emotion, I turn to a journal, my laptop, or even a scrap piece of paper and scribble everything out. I always feel much happier after I write! And sometimes after reading over what I had written, I find a potential poem or story idea, so it’s a win-win. The idea of being able to create a brand new world no one has ever seen before is so amazing to me!

4. Her Campus

I started writing for Millersville’s chapter of Her Campus about a year ago and it easily became one of my most favorite things to have ever done! Her Campus is an online magazine written by college women, for college women. My chapter at school is full of such amazing women that inspire me to write and live my best life. Check out our chapter’s page here!

5. painting

I’ve only recently started painted, and there is just something about how easily and beautifully the watercolor paints blend together. I know I’m not good, and somehow that makes it even more fun! I like to add to my paintings by writing out a favorite quote in calligraphy or other fun kinds of lettering. Seeing the finished product always makes me happy that I was able to create something that wasn’t in the world before!

6. thrift shopping

I love a good deal, and thrift stores are full of them! Sometimes it can be hard to be a full time college student who needs to make monthly rent payments and buy groceries, so having extra money to spend can be rare. Thrift stores have low prices, excellent finds, and help the fashion industry! Thrifting is just one of many ways to shop ethically and I am so here for it. It has gotten to the point where almost all of my favorite pieces of clothing are from thrift stores. It makes fashion a whole lot more fun and I always feel happy knowing I’m helping to recycle!

7. working with children

I’m currently working at a summer camp, and while we have the occasional hiccup, spending my day playing games, hearing their stories, learning more about who they are, seeing them laugh and have fun, and seeing them grow makes me so happy! These kiddos are our future and if I can take any part in inspiring them to reach their full potential, then that is simply amazing. Babysitting and helping out at my home church’s Sunday school always make me happy too!

8. being environmentally friendly

This past spring, it really hit me how in trouble our earth is. I took a world oceans class and for a few weeks we focused on pollution and global warming and holy cow. There is so much plastic in our oceans and our landfills!!!!!! There are tons of statistics and examples of what is going on and we need to take action! Even just small changes in your daily life can help to reduce this. For example, using a reusable water bottle is just one super simple thing you can start doing! I also have a few reusable coffee mugs and the coffee shop I frequently visit fills them up for me! Using reusable bags instead of plastic, reusing plastic containers, recycling, and using bamboo toothbrushes are some other things I’ve been doing recently. I plan on writing a blog post about this in the future so make sure to keep your eye out if this is something that interests you (hint: it should). It’s slowly becoming trendy to be environmentally friendly, and I can only hope that one day, our planet will be nursed back to health.

9. making playlists

I’ve had Spotify for quite a few years, and over that time, I learned that I love making playlists! I have playlists for multiple different feelings, events, seasons, etc. etc. Combining songs by all different artists that somehow all go together is so fun to me. I’ve discovered countless new songs, musicians, and bands from this process and I’m always looking for more! Plus, listening to them is just as fun.

10. sunsets

Sometimes on even the worst days, a beautiful sunset can cheer me up! It’s such a gentle reminder that this world is so big and our struggles are only temporary.


Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see where this writing challenge takes me! I challenge you all to do this with me! Whether you have a blog or not, take a few minutes to think about the things that make you truly happy. 🙂





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