5 Things I Learned Form Sophomore Year

Today marks the first full week of my summer vacation! I finished up my finals last week and with that, sophomore year of college is over. I’m not going to lie, it is a little concerning about how fast time is flying. It feels like just yesterday, a shy and timid Hannah moved into her dorm for the first time freshman year. But my college experience has been amazing so far! I’ve learned a lot not only from my wonderful professors, but also some pretty valuable life lessons that I would love to pass on to you!

1- Life isn’t always peachy keen

A lot of the time, I see people posting super cute pictures on social media of them laughing outside in beautiful weather. Good for them! But I had expected to have the same sunshine-y experience of making a large group of friends that take perfect pictures and go on spontaneous adventures all together without any drama. But it is so easy to hide things on social media. I had a hard time making solid friendships, and some friendships that I thought were solid ended up slipping through my hands like water. People don’t really talk about how stressful college can be. There were nights where I studied and did homework for hours while I knew people were watching movies or going out. But in the end, you have to remember that school is the most important part of college.

Life isn’t always easy breezy. But there are so many good moments! So if you hit a rough patch, just know that you aren’t alone! And the sun always comes out to shine. Enjoy the sunshine, snap some pictures, and remember those times when homework has got you studying all day in the library.


2- College boys are gross

I was under the impression that college boys would be out of this world. It seems that in every movie and t.v. show, college boys are dreamy, sent right from heaven. But after a few months at college, I realized that most of that was lies. Some college boys are even less mature than high school boys. Of course, not all college boys are immature, but some don’t clean their rooms, some skip class constantly, and some just try to play with people’s emotions. I believe that everyone has at least a bit of good in them, but some just have their good buried waaaay deep down, and you’ll want to protect your heart. And trust your best friend’s opinion on the guy you’re crushing on!! Best friends have the magic ability to see through boys and can tell which ones to trust and which ones to move on from.

3- Step out of your comfort zone!

This is so cliche, but oh so true. At first, I only went to class and the library, where I did homework for class. But as soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a new club, I met a lot of really neat people. I learned that I like to make new friends and try new things. I joined a club all about girl power and writing and made some wonderful friends! There are so many opportunities on a college campus, from festivals to concerts to a variety of clubs. You’re practically guaranteed to find at least one thing that interests you. So what’s holding you back? Go do it!

4- Alone time is needed

It’s so easy to get lost in the whirlwind of college life, hanging out with people constantly and doing everything with others. However, I found that after hanging out with people, I needed some alone time. And hey, alone time is great! You can have a dance party in your room, work on some homework, catch up on your reading, or take a nap. It is possible to spend *too* much time with someone, and we’re trying to avoid drama here. Recharge your batteries so that you can avoid being grouchy around your friends.

5- People may leave, but that does not determine your worth

I can not stress this enough!!! I’ve had way more than my fair share of people dropping out of my life. At first, I was convinced something was wrong with me. Why would these people I called friends stop talking to me? But I learned that people’s actions are not a reflection of who I am. It made me stronger and more grateful for my true friendships. The quality of friends is far more important than the quantity of friends. I never ended up with the giant group of friends, but I did end up with a close knit family made up of incredible people that were always down for a spontaneous adventure. In those moments when you’re blasting bops on the car radio, driving to pet stores to pet animals, and everyone is laughing, you’ll realize that this is where you belong.



//Along with summer comes TONS of free time, so I plan on posting weekly on this blog. If you have any suggestions of future posts or things you have questions about, I would love to write about it! Comment below any ideas you have!//


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