hidden kisses

In those moments when the world is still and sleeping

and loneliness travels deep into my brittle bones

I pray to all the gods I can name off the top of my head

(surely one of them is listening to little insignificant me)

that when I wake up the next morning

I’ll find the oceans evaporated like the smoke in my lungs

the continents sewn together with black binding thread

the distance between us shrinking

like a patchwork quilt that has had one too many

trips in the washing machine

and the kisses hidden in our letters become reality

your gentle fingers wrapped around mine

a touch so soft it sends shivers racing down my spine.

I’ll notice things you can’t see through writing

like how tall you tower over me

and how your voice seems to resonate within me

reaching all the way down to my soul

I wonder if you know you’ll leave a lasting mark

but then the dawn comes

with sunlight creeping through my window

and as my eyes open slowly, wearily

it instantly hits me like a punch to the stomach

that nothing has changed

nothing ever will

I guess I’ll just write you another letter.

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