flowers for no one

There is a field by my house full of flowers

daisies, daffodils, dandelions, and more

during the summer they bloom in a beautiful combination of color

and dance together in the warm wind

filling the air with a mixture of sweet scents

like a perfume shop you walk by

only looking in when vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood

all combine into one curious scent and fill the air around you.

Every day a boy would visit this field

and sit for hours on end

filling a notebook with drawings of the plants

as he watched the world grow around him

listening to the earth beneath his toes.

He came every day, rain or shine

and on the especially dry summer days

he would bring a red wagon full of watering cans

encouraging the plants to see another day

with a splash of water and a warm grin.

But one day

for some unknown reason

perhaps because the weather was turning cold

or he found a new way to spend his days,

his visits became less and less frequent

and without his cheer or care

the flowers began to wilt

slowly decomposing

and no one noticed.

A roaring winter came, burying the flowers in a field of white

leaving the drowning plants clinging to the hope that their friend

would return when the sun came back to warm the earth again.

But he never did.

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