a recipe for a new year

cook time: 365 days

makes: one great year of growth and happiness

1 cup of goals. Set some goals this year, from simple to complex, to provide a road map for your year. Let your mind wander and figure out what you want to get out of this year and where you want to end up. Do you want to become more fit or write your first novel? Once you figure out the bigger picture, break down your big goal into smaller, more easily attainable goals to make your goal more reachable!

1 cup hard work. You can’t go anywhere in life without a little hard work. In order to achieve your goals, you have to put some effort into it. But don’t be discouraged! A little hard work each day will provide great results! Find some inspiration in the world around you and put effort into work, school, or whatever it is that you are working towards. Make to-do lists and hold yourself accountable for checking off each item on your list. Hard work pays off.

3 cups laughter. Surround yourself with people that never fail to leave a smile on your face and do the things you find happiness in. These moments of laughter will come in handy when the road you’re on gets a little bumpy. Making memories to treasure is one of my favorite parts of a new year. Snap some pictures of the nights you and your best friends stay up late giggling and watching favorite movies, pictures of the train rides to new cities, pictures of cats and dogs that you meet at the local pet store, pictures of the moments you feel most alive.

2 teaspoons of enjoying the little things. I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal, where each day I write down a handful of things that made me smile throughout my day. I have found that this is a nice and simple way to remain grateful for things that may be taken for granted on a daily basis. It also helps when you’re having a bad day. Forcing yourself to pick out some positives in your day can help to decrease focus on the negatives.

1 teaspoon of moving on. While reflecting on the past and learning from mistakes can be helpful in growing as a person, getting stuck in past regrets is not good. This is definitely easier said than done, but letting go is the one true way to move forward. Your story has so many new and beautiful chapters in it, so stop rereading chapters from years ago and begin your new chapter.

2 teaspoons of stepping out of your comfort zone. Dip one toe into unfamiliar waters or plunge head first into something new this year! I’ve found that either you’ll discover something wonderful or learn that that something new just isn’t something for you. Either way, you’ll learn something about yourself in the process! Maybe you’ll find that you love to perform because you decided for once to do karaoke with your friends instead of passing like you always do. Or maybe you’ll join a new club at school or in the community and make some amazing friends. This year is the perfect time for new experiences!

a sprinkle of hard times. I wish I could take all the troubles and hardships in life and spread them across the ocean, far from where you are, but unfortunately, that is beyond my capabilities. Words are my super power, not seeing the future and being able to spare you from what may happen. So instead, I will simply say this: tough times may show up this year, but you are tougher.

1/2 teaspoon of persistence. Show those tough times who is really in charge of your life- Y O U. Persistence and hard work go hand in hand. Not giving up when things are looking dreary and keeping your goals in mind will make all the difference. Some days, the thunderclouds will roll in and win the day, but there is always a brand new day of sun waiting for you tomorrow.


Make this year a great one!



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