Signed and Addressed To You

To the girl who walks through the hallways

trying to make herself as small as possible

as if to disappear under the radar

while everyone pretends that she didn’t try to take

one too many pills last night;

To the boy who sits alone in the cafeteria

with his empty brown paper bag in front of him

wondering if anyone would notice if he were gone;

To the exhausted teacher who stands in front of her class

hiding her shaking hands as she tries

to get control over the students that just

won’t stop talking;

To the kid in the bathroom who tries to remain calm

even though his parents are fighting at home again

and this time is worse than ever before;

To the student who is terrified that the bullies will find

her new hiding spot in the library, behind the shelves of ancient books

her calm and quiet haven from the insults and the fear;

To the two friends who have encountered rumor after rumor

about what they do behind closed doors

when all they really want is to have a day without

the pointing, whispering, and laughing from their peers;

To the teen who holds back tears

when she sees her grade on the most recent vocabulary quiz

knowing she studied those words for hours on end

but it just wasn’t enough and she’s left wondering

if she will ever be enough;

To the broken hearted who know they’ve made mistakes

but their world is spiraling out of control

and everything is moving too fast for them to catch up;

To anyone who reads this poem

and nods their head in recognition

somehow seeing a part of themselves in these words;

I have something to say.


I see you.


You are not alone.

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